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  • I-10 Texas Traffic and Road Conditions from DOT

    • Oct 14 Closed tonite & Wed/ 9pm to 6am: I-10 W lanes btwn Americas & Zaragoza / Zaragoza Temp Ent Ramp & Loop 375 South to I-10 W Ramp
    • Oct 14 COMPLETE CLOSURE of westbound lanes on I-10 btwn Airway & Geronimo Overpasses/ Tues-Fri / 9pm to 6am each night
    • Oct 14 Operational Improvements Proj: westbound lanes on I-10 btwn Lee Trevino & Lomaland completely closed tonite & tomorrow nite, 9pm to 6am
    • Oct 16 I-10 West at Executive, Collision, right lane closed, backup to Porfirio Diaz
    • Oct 17 COMPLETE CLOSURE of Westbound lanes on I-10 btwn Airway Overpass & Raynolds Overpass Sun @ 9pm thru Mon @ 6am/ take frontage back to I-10
    • Oct 17 Complete Closure of I-10/ Sat @8pm thru Sun @6pm/ east & west/ Americas to Zaragoza/ avoid area/ find alternate routes
    • Oct 18 I-10 at Ralph Fair Rd: all lanes now open. Be safe, drive smart!
    • Oct 20 US 54 South will be closed from Montana to I-10 tonite from 9pm to 5am (Tues morn)/ Ramp E (exit to Ju��rez) also closed tonite
    • 2h 2 hours ago
      Driving on Gateway West before the Americas Interchange? Take the new westbound Americas Entrance Ramp to I-10.
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      I-10 West Airway to Raynolds complete closure for tonight has been cancelled
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      I-10 West @ Eastlake, colllision, final, all lanes open.
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      I-10 West @ Eastlake, colllision, I-10 main lanes are closed, all traffic detour on Gateway East @ Eastlake Exit
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      All eastbound lanes on I-10 betwn Vinton & Transmountain are now open
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      Tonite 9 p.m. to 6 a.m./ COMPLETE CLOSURE of westbound lanes on I-10 between the Airway Overpass & the Raynolds Overpass
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      I-10 East from Vinton to Transmountain/colllision/ all lanes remain closed/ detour on South Desert Blvd
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      I-10 East & West betwn Americas & Zaragoza, final, scheduled work, All lanes open in both directions.
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      I-10 east from Vinton to Trans Mountain is completely closed due to debris on roadway.
    • El Paso District @TxDOTELP
      I-10 East & West lanes closed btwn Americas & Zaragoza, scheduled road work/all traffic detour on Gateway, expect delays, clearing Sun 6pm

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