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  • I-40 Arizona Traffic and Road Conditions from DOT

    • Interstate 40 rest area closed
      rest area closed,On Interstate 40, EW-bound from mile post 181.70, at PARKS REST AREAS
    • Interstate 40 lane shift
      lane shift,On Interstate 40, West-bound from mile post 76.0, 4.0 miles East of U S 93 SOUTH to mile post 73.0, 1.0 miles East of U S 93 SOUTH
    • Interstate 40 roadway reduced to one lane
      roadway reduced to one lane,On Interstate 40, EW-bound from mile post 72.0, at U S 93 SOUTH to mile post 76.0, 4.0 miles East of U S 93 SOUTH
    • State Route 95 shoulder closed
      shoulder closed,On State Route 95, North-bound from mile post 190.0, 2.60 miles North of LAKE HAVASU to mile post 195.0, 6.90 miles South of I 40
    • US Highway 93 road construction
      road construction,On US Highway 93, NS-bound from mile post 101.0, 9.80 miles South of I 40 to mile post 104.0, 12.80 miles South of I 40

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