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    • 17h ago: Hamilton County - Interstate 71/MLK project update …
    • Mar 14 TRAFFIC ADVISORY: I-71 northbound between I-76 and SR 18 now has TWOlanes of traffic open. The right lane will remain closed.
    • Mar 14 Our crews are out this morning! Here is a truck on I-71 working to clear the roads. Be sure to leave them room to do their job!
    • Mar 14 I-71 northbound, between I-76 and SR 18, has only one lane of traffic open. The right two lanes will be closed most of the morning.
    • Mar 16 The right lane of I-71 southbound is closed past I-90 due to an accident.
    • Mar 17 Snow is falling again across parts of District 3! Visibility is limited on portions of I-71 as shown by this traffic
    • Mar 21 Hamilton County - Shoulder and lane closures scheduled on Interstate 71 …
    • Mar 23 Hamilton County - Interstate 71 ramp and city street closures scheduled …
    • Mar 24 Hamilton County - Interstate 71/MLK project update …

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